Smart watches, a business future with examples


Smart watches, a business future with examples in this The main companies in the electronics sector are developing their own smart watches. Apple, Samsung and Google are in that group. However, they are not pioneers since there are already models of smart watches. A review of the existing devices can help meet the possible characteristics of the terminals that are coming. Mobility is the key strategy electronics manufacturers. 'Smartphones' and 'tablets' have been instrumental in the consolidation of mobility and forecasts point to positive data for both markets in the coming years.

But manufacturers are now looking for new ways to improve the experience. According to recent rumors, most companies have agreed on how to get it. Smart watches are the devices that have trusted. It is assumed that Apple is working on a smart watch, which is being developed by a team of 100 engineers. The company seems to have noticed watches models that help in the progression of the activity to design your own watch. All indications are that Apple will use a specific version of IOS and will equip its clock capabilities to be the control center of other iOS devices.

The truth is that the ability to use the clock as a point of easy access to information from other terminals is the common idea. In the list of other manufacturers intending to launch an own clock are companies like Samsung or Google. Competition from these companies will remain Apple watch market. It remains to be seen if Apple gets, as happened with the iPad, become the benchmark. If Apple, Samsung and Google are little, LG also seems to be working on a smart watch. Thus, it seems that soon will be a competitive market, we will wait to see if it succeeds. To what do not expect is to see how you can run a smart watch. In the absence of the aforementioned companies launch their bet, there are several models on the market today.

Sony SmartWatch

Sony is the first major in offering its own clock. This is the SmartWatch, a device that perfectly complements any 'smartphone' or 'tablet' Android. SmartWatch has Bluetooth to connect to another terminal and allow users a new way to be aware of their notifications. Sony SmartWatch is square, with 36 millimeters per side and a thickness of 8 mm. As for weight, the watch is 15.5 grams. It is an elegant, light and useful clock thanks to its multiple capabilities. SmartWatch screen is multitouch OLED color. As for his connection system, Sony has decided on within Bluetooth range of 10 meters. Finally in the field of specifications, the SmartWatch has a range of one week with a discreet use and 1 full day in cases of heavy use. For charging users have USB cable. With Sony's clock can be hung or mute a call being received on the mobile. In addition you can access and read emails or SMS that is on the paired device. Alongside all this, users can also view your calendar, social network updates or control playback of music. SmartWatch is available from 129 euros and is a great choice for those who have a terminal Android and want a simple control center.


Smart watches are not only a matter of the best-known companies. There are other models of companies that have opted for such devices, thinking that phones are complements other companies. The most prominent example is i'm Watch, an Italian device that offers the most comprehensive features presented in a smart watch so far. The terminal is priced at 349 euros, well above the Sony model, but it is also true that has more features. The i'm Watch has a height of 52.9 millimeters by 40.6 millimeters thick and 10. Its weight varies depending on the models, but ranges from 90-170 grams. Its screen is TFT color 1.5-inch, 220 pixels per inch. The screen is touch and recognizes gestures to perform different actions. The device features i'm Droid 2 operating system, a customized version of Android and has 128 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage capacity. Its battery is 450 mAh, which offers an autonomy of 48 hours if the Bluetooth is not used and up to 5 hours with a more generic use. i'm Watch has microphone, integrated hands-free headset for helmets and accelerometer features that make differs from other models. In addition, it is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher devices and also iOS 4 and later terminals.

Thus, the range of compatible devices includes Bluetooth Apple terminals. As for its features, the truth is that i'm Watch is a very complete device, intended as more than just a way to access content from other devices easily. In this case, once linked to smartphones, you can receive calls, read SMS or emails through the clock. In addition you can check the calendar and manage it all from your wrist. In i'm Watch also highlights its careful interface, similar to that of today's mobile devices, and submitting their applications. Precisely the ability to install different apps is one of its core values. The i'm Watch also serves to check social networks and monitor for sports activities and to play or control music playback. In addition, the Italian device can also be a display screen where the pictures taken on mobile. All these possibilities are achieved by linking i'm Watch to another device, which serves as a source for content and also for connection to the network. With these features i'm Watch is confirmed as an intelligent reference clocks. Its price can be one of the main obstacles to achieve success, although many users are willing to pay 349 euros for these possibilities.

Pebble, Succes Kickstarter The latest smart watch to note is Pebble, the result of a funding campaign 'crowdfunding' on Kickstarter. It is a terminal compatible with iOS and Android, as i'm Watch, but with a more affordable price. Pebble has an electronic ink display 144 by 168 pixels, black and white. The device uses Bluetooth as above and has accelerometer and vibration. In addition, Pebble is water and has an estimated 7 days autonomy. As for its functions, Pebble identifies incoming calls to the paired device and allows access to messages and mails. It also displays calendar information, Facebook and Twitter messages, weather alerts and silent alarms. Pebble is available for 150 and is more economical than i'm Watch for those who do not have an Android terminal option.